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Please notes that prices may vary.
If we've missed a campground or if something is incorrect, please let us know.
Big Tree Mobile Home-RV Village   Lakeside Mobile Manor (55 and over)
(Adults Only)   1020 Lakeside Dr.
6130 Broad St.   Brooksville, FL 34601 [MAP]
Brooksville, FL 34601 [MAP]   Phone: 352-796-4600
Phone: 352-796-4141   Cost= unavailable-30 RV and 30 MB sites
Cost=$-23 sites available (no tents)   (no tents)
Brentwood Lake Camping   Lakewood Retreat (Advance Reservations)
11089 Ancient Trail   www.LakewoodRetreat.org
Brooksville, FL 34601 [MAP]   25458 Dan Brown Hill Road
Phone: 352-796-5760   Brooksville, FL. 34602 [MAP]
Cost=$-100 tent sites available   Phone: 352-796-4097
(campers only)   Cost=$$$ ($65-168)-7 RV sites, 12 pop-up,
  9 cabins (tent sites available)
Camp-A-Wyle Lake Resort    
9206 Commercial Way   Mary’s Fish Camp
Weeki Wachee, FL 34613 [MAP]   8092 Mary’s Fish Camp Rd.
Phone: 352-596-2139   Weeki Wachee, FL 34607 [MAP]
Cost=$ (summer rate)   Phone: 352-596-2359
28 sites available (no tents)   Cost=$-$$$-27 RV and 3 Cabins available, free wi-fi
Campers Holiday Travel Park   Ridge Manor Campground
2092 Culbreath Rd.   33456 Cortez Blvd.
Brooksville, FL 34602 [MAP]   Ridge Manor, FL 33525 [MAP]
Phone: 352-796-3707   Phone: 352-583-2737
Cost=$$-66 sites available   Cost=$-20 sites available
(campers only)   (tent sites also available)
Chief Aripeka Travel Park   Sertoma Youth Ranch
1582 Osowaw Blvd.   www.sertomayouthranch.com
Spring Hill, FL 34607 [MAP]   ( Maximum Stay : 2 weeks )
Phone: 352-686-3329   85 Myers Rd.
352-398-1192   Brooksville, FL 34602 [MAP]
Cost=$-28 sites available (no tents)   Phone: 813-695-9203
  Cost=$-85 acres, 214 sites available
Cloverleaf Forest   (tent sites also available w/o electric)
900 Broad St.    
Brooksville, FL 34601 [MAP]   Topics RV Park (55 and over)
Phone: 352-796-8016   13063 County Line Rd.
Cost=$$-120 sites available (no tents)   Brooksville, FL 34609 [MAP]
  Phone: 352-796-0625
Cody’s Catfish Pond RV Park   Cost= $-$$-223 sites available (no tents)
8588 Ostrom Way    
Weeki Wachee, FL 34613 [MAP]   Withlacoochee State Forest-
Phone: 352-596-6010   Buttgenbach Mine Campground at Croom
Cost= $$$-40 campsites and   (www.fl-dof.com)
20 tent sites available   Behind Best Western-St. Rd. 50 and I-75
  Ridge Manor, FL 34602 [MAP]
Frontier Campground   Phone: 352-754-6896
15549 Cortez Blvd.   Cost=$-50 sites available (2 tents or 1 camper)
Brooksville, FL 34613 [MAP]   (campers only)
Phone: 352-796-9988    
Cost=$-110 sites available (no tents)   Withlacoochee State Forest-
  Crooked River Campground
Hawks Nest RV Park & Campground   (www.fl-dof.com)
11185 Commercial Way   Croom Rital Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34614 [MAP]   Ridge Manor, FL 34602 [MAP]
Phone: 352-596-7959   Phone: 352-754-6896
Cost=$-35 sites available (no tents), free wi-fi   Cost=$-26 sites available (2 tents or 1 camper)
(campers only)    
  Withlacoochee State Forest-
  Cypress Glen Campground
Hidden Valley Campground   (www.fl-dof.com)
22329 Cortez Blvd.   Croom Rital Rd.
Brooksville, FL 34601 [MAP]   Ridge Manor, FL 34602 [MAP]
Phone: 352-796-8710   Phone: 352-754-6896
Cost=$-68 sites available (no tents)   Cost=$-43 sites available (2 tents or 1 camper)
(campers only)    
  Withlacoochee State Forest-
Holiday Springs Trav-L Park   Silver Lake Campground
(Adults Only)   (www.fl-dof.com)
138 Travel Park Dr.   Croom Rital Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34607 [MAP]   Ridge Manor, FL 34602 [MAP]
Phone: 352-683-0034   Phone: 352-754-6896
Cost=$$ 200+ sites available (no tents), free wi-fi   Cost=$-23 sites available (2 tents or 1 camper)
  (campers only)



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