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   Welcome to the newest addition to our site. There is no need to print these out...simply type right on the screen. We even provided a little help! Our crosswords have detailed clues to better help you get the answers and solve the puzzle. 

   This is a test run. In the future we will enable features that will allow you to save your puzzles and come back to them at a later time to finish. 

   Some sites you may find charge for the use of their Crosswords, but as always you get these for FREE! Enjoy!


General 1(created 11/01/02) General 2 (created 11/01/02)
General 3 (created 11/01/02) General 4 (created 11/01/02)
General 5 (created 11/01/02) General 6 (created 11/01/02)
General 7 (created 11/01/02) General 8 (created 11/02/02)
General 9 (created 11/02/02) General 10 (created 11/02/02)
Science 1 (created 11/02/02) Science 2 (created 11/02/02)
Compounds 1 (created 11/02/02) General 11(created 11/03/02)
General 12(created 11/03/02) General 13(created 11/05/02)
Music 1 (created 11/05/02) Music 2 (created 11/05/02)
Black History (created 1/01/06) African-American Writers (created 1/01/06)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (created 1/01/06) Hip-Hop & Rap (created 1/01/06)
Motown (created 1/01/06)  






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