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              2003 Hurricane Guide

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Are you prepared?
A hurricane season to-do list
The hurricane season is June through November. This guide will help you prepare...

Staying at home
If you live in a sound structure outside the evacuation area and do not live in a mobile home...

If you must evacuate
Stay tuned to your local radio and television station for emergency broadcasts. If ordered to evacuate...

Advice for older adults
In Florida, we are particularly vulnerable to severe weather such as hurricanes, and seniors are especially...

Store at least a two-week supply of water for each member...

Have at least a three-day supply of nonperishable food on hand. Focus on high-nutrition foods...

Storm warnings
By definition

Disaster supplies kit
Here are the most important items for your disaster supplies kit. Stock up today and store...

As the storm approaches
Listen for weather updates on local stations and on NOAA weather radio. Don't trust rumors...

Your boat
Take action early - don't wait until a hurricane warning is declared. The storm's...

Tips on how to protect your home
There are some specific actions you should take to make your home safer. To make some of these improvements...

Take steps to protect your pets
Pet owners are responsible for hurricane planning for their pet...

Hurricane hazards
The hurricane can combine storm surge, powerful winds, tornadoes...

Steps you should take after the storm passes
After a disaster, you may be without power, water, food or any of the services and businesses we rely on. Immediate response...

Don't leave pets behind to face storm alone
Pets need to be included in your hurricane plans. This is especially important because you will not be able to...

Horses will require some special preparations
Horse lovers have to do some real planning...

Hernando County
Shelters in Hernando County
West Hernando Middle School (Shelter for people with special needs only)..

Emergency numbers for Hernando County
Hernando County Emergency Management Public Information Center: 754-4083


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